Original 40 file Palm OS BCP

This version is no longer supported. The page and files are retained for your use as is. Feel free to make your own BCP modules with appropriate portions of the current source code (link on previous page) and one of the iSiloX converters available from iSilo at http://isilo.com/.

Having found no usable, well-formatted Book of Common Prayer for my Palm OS handheld computer, I created one. All 40 modules (files) are now complete (8/02/2001) and mapped as shown in the index of the first module containing the Preface and Calendar. The entire project is just under 599K when unziped with the download zip file being 548K. You will need to use PKZip, PKUnzip, or WinZip to extract the files.

Reasonable liberties were taken in formatting to accommodate the narrow screen of the Palm OS handheld computers. Overall, I believe you will find the results usuable and faithful to the original. I encourage users to send me needed corrections as well as recommendations for changes. Send them to me at andy_figueroa@episcopal-dso.org. Please feel free to post links to this page. Otherwise, all rights reserved.

Part I - The nine files (modules) include the Preface & Calendar, Morning Prayer 1, Evening Prayer 1, Morning Prayer 2, Noonday Prayer, Order for Evening, Evening Prayer 2, Compline, and Daily Devotionals which include everting between the front cover and page 146.

Part II - The ten files making up part 2 contaning the Great Litany, Traditional Collects, Contemporary Collects, Ash Wed, Holy Week, Easter Vigil, Baptism, Eucharist I, Eucharist II, and Order for Eucharist.

Part III - The 14 files containing the pastoral services and the ordinal.

Part IV - Contains everything from the Psalter (Psalms) to the Daily Office Lectionary. It is now complete with both files of the Psalter. For those who have already downloaded Part IV, or who just want the Psalter the file bcppsalm.zip (124k) may be downloaded searately which contains only the two Psalter files.

BCP Downloads:
bcppart1.zip, 7/09/2001, 75K
bcppart2.zip, 7/09/2001, 133K
bcppart3.zip, 11/05/2001, 94K
    changing only BCP26Burial1.pdb which you may download separately here
bcppart4.zip, 02/28/2002, 243k
    changing only BCP34Psalm1.pdb (11/05/2001) which you may download separately here
    and BCP36Prayers.pdb (02/28/2002) which you may download separately here


bcpall.zip, 02/28/2008, 548k
    changing only BCP26Burial1.pdb and
    changing only BCP34Psalm1.pdb which you may download separately here
    changing only BCP36Prayers.pdb which you may download separately here

Note: If versions of Part I or Part II were downloaded prior to 7/09/2001, those earlier versions should be discarded in favor of improvements implemented on that date.

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