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Note: All the databases on this page require the iSilo reader. See iSilo information below.

Diocesan Congregation (Missionary Outposts) & Clergy Directories and Consitution & Canons
in iSilo format

Copyright © 2003 by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. All rights reserved. See More information for tems of use., 42K : The ZIP file contains the Clergy Directory, 28K, and Congregations (Missionary Outposts) Directory, 17K. (current as of 5/25/2003)

If you would like the iSilo file containing the directory pages for lay leaders of the diocese, send an email to Please identify who you are by name, email address, and congregation., 42K, containing the 2003 Consitution (5K) and 2003 Canons (38K) of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. (Updated 5/25, 2003)

Book of Common Prayer
iSilo format

BCP1979e.pdb (Feb 7, 2003) replaces all previous versions for Palm OS and Pocket PC and requires iSilo 3.0 or higher. The file size is 604,375 bytes. The new version correts a number of errors discovered since the previous version, and adds a number of additional hyperlinks, most nobably at the beginning of the Prayers of the People and the Psalms. Fourteen pre-defined bookmarks are compiled-in to help navigate the table of contents which is actively linked to the body of the book. These can be edited, deleted, or added to by each user to suit your tastes.

Download the "pdb" as a "zip" file:

BCP1979c.pdb (Replaces BCP1979b.pdb on 7/8/2002) The Book of Common Prayer in a single 589k iSilo file, adds significant ease of use over the original 40 file format. Extensive internal linking has been added. Can be used with any version of iSilo 2.x or 3.x, however, it is not recommended for use with the free version of iSilo (iSiloFree), though it will work, because of the difficulty of navigating the entire BCP without active links and bookmarks. The current file is a minor version update (Apr 10) correcting spelling errors in the Lord's Prayer, and (Apr 22) correcting a typo in the Order for Evening, and (May 9) correcting a typo in the Calendar of the Church Year. The new version, BCP1979c.pdb also incorporates additional error corrections and improves the pre-defined bookmarks.

Pocket PC users should now download BCP1979e.pdb
The earlier version for the Pocket PC required users to download BCP1979cPPC.pdb and BCP1979LectPPC.pdb to ensure proper formatting of verse numbers in the Psalms, and the numbering of the Prayers and Thanksgivings, while retaining the original formatting for the Lectionaries necessary for usability with the narrow screen of these handheld devices. (7/8/2002)

The story behind this version of the BCP
My bishop (The Rt. Rev. Herbert Thompson, Jr.) and I both wanted to use the BCP on our Palm OS handheld computers, his a Sony Clié, mine a Handera TRGPro. Finding none that were reasonably usable and formatted, I decided to created one. That's the story. The original 40 file format is no longer actively supported but may be useful for those who are space/memory constrained. It is still available on the following page:

Reasonable liberties have been taken in formatting to accommodate the narrow screen of the standard Palm OS handheld computers. Overall, I believe you will find the results usable and faithful. I encourage all users to send me corrections as well as their recommendations. Send them to me at Please feel free to post links to this page. Otherwise, all rights reserved.

HTML Source File for the BCP
The file bcp1979e.htm is the 1.6 meg HTML source code used for compiling the latest release for iSilo. It is far too large to access conveniently as an on-line file, however, you may download it as, which is 383K zipped up. Unzipping it will give you the HTML file. It may prove useful for study, or use with your web browser directly from your hard drive for a source of text for copying and pasting to create your own liturgy booklets in a word processor or with a presentation program such as MS PowerPoint or StarOffice Presentation.

Praying the Hours

hours.pdb is a tiny (5K) iSilo 3.x file that may be a help in maintaining devotions throughout the day. It mirrors the on-line version Praying the Hours if you want to check it out first.

A Cathedral Soul

CathSoul.pdb 357K in a single file. A private devotional written by Episcopal layman Glen Davis, following a series of heart attacks that left him disabled and near death. Preview the web version at Warning: the text and the structure may cause serendipity. Can be used with any version of iSilo 2.x or 3.x.

Mission St. Clare, Morning and Evening Prayer for each month in iSilo format.

iSilo document reader

You need a version of iSilo to use the databases found here. The BCP (versions BCP1979d.pdb and higher) and Praying the Hours requires iSilo 3.0 or higher.

The new iSilo reader (versions 3.15 and up) operates as unregistered, fully functional, shareware for the 1st 30 days, then automatically changes to the free version if not registered. Palm OS and Pocket PC versions are available. All iSilo databases on this page are compatible with Palm OS and Pocket PC iSilo. Files are checked on a Handera 330 and Palm VIIx for Palm OS and a Casio EM-500 for Pocket PC.

iSilo 3.x is available free to those who purchased iSilo 2.xx versions. It costs $17.50 to register and is available as a free download.

To get iSilo go to their web site at

Disclaimer: I am not in a business arrangement with iSilo. The Diocese is not in a business arrangement with iSilo.

Bibles and more

Bibles for your Palm OS handheld and Handheld PC are available in abundance at This is the one that I use. Very sophisticated. The Bible Reader is free as are most of the Bibles. You'll find the full NRSV w/Apocrypha here.

The Palm Bible Reader (Palm OS only), free at I have recently tested this software, found it competent with some interesting features, including dual version display. Beta version 1.1b2 now supports memory cards and appears to be quite stable.

The Easton's Classic Bible Dictionary (in iSilo format) available at is very well done and may be worth a spot on your handheld if you can stand the 1.3 megs.

Church Pension Group has a nice Episco Calendar (less that 70K installed) that provides both a CPG directory AND an ecclesiastical calendar (Palm OS only). Download yours for free at If you get it, be sure to print or download a copy of the manual while you are there. You'll be glad you did.

The website of Handheld Ministry, "Using handhelds to build the Kingdom of God," at

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